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About Roumaan.com

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Roumaan.com is Dubai-based online shopping mall selling products in over 60 categories. You have more than 200,000 selective branded products to select and shop from. Our products are listed by authorized distributors and retailers based in Middle-East which makes them 100% authentic. All are products are from the top brands globally.

To ensure our customers satisfaction and comfort while shopping from Roumaan.com, we have safest payment options (Mastercard & Visa) and fastest delivery mechanism in place. 
We also make sure that it is the easiest for our customer to return the products they purchased if they didn’t like it. We have a 10 days return policy to safeguard that.

Roumaan.com is solely owned by Roumaan E-Trading LLC which is an internet retailer business registered in the United Arab Emirates.

Enough about us now! Sit back, relax and shop from amazing products we have here for you :-)