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Baseus Cube Shaking Fan 5400Mah White CXMF-02

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  • Feature
  • One-click start, wide-angle air supply
  • Up to 45°, down to 15°, automatic head shaking, unique design of wind sweeping body, horizontal sweeping can sweep left and right, and vertical sweeping can sweep up and down
  • Multifunctional cube fan, cool everywhere
  • Large vortex fan blades, strong air supply
  • Large torsion vortex fan blades increase the air volume and wind speed, the greater the wind, the farther the distance
  • Promise adjustment, custom exclusive wind
  • Infinitely variable speed technology, from soft wind to strong wind, the wind speed is customized
  • Soft wind light sound, sleep with the wind
  • Powerful brushless motor, low wind as low as 30dB, shaking head without abnormal noise
  • Wireless use, long life
  • Get rid of the shackles of the wire, cool down anytime, anywhere
  • Integrated design, easy to remove and wash
  • Removable front net design for easy cleaning
  • Lightweight and flexible, available everywhere
  • The fan is only 700g, which is equivalent to the weight of a bottle of water and can be easily lifted
  • Easy storage without occupying space
  • High-quality ABS material
  • Anti-oxidation is not easy to turn yellow, durable
  • Portable handle
  • Light to 700g, comfortable to mention
  • Silicone pad at the bottom
  • Non-slip protection is safer
  • With Type-C fast charging port
  • With 1m charging cable
  • Specifications
  • Brand: Baseus
  • Name: Baseus Cube Shaking Fan
  • Material: ABS+PC
  • Rated power: 10W
  • Rated voltage/current: 5V/2A
  • Shake head angle: -15°~45°
  • Battery capacity: 5400mAh
  • Size: 223*245*72mm
  • Weight: 700g
Product Name Baseus Cube Shaking Fan 5400Mah White CXMF-02
Type Fan
Material ABS/Plastic
Item Weight 700 Grams
Dimension 223*245*72mm
Brand Baseus
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