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Bosch Steam Iron, Black - TDA3021GB
27.471 OMR
23.900 OMR

Bosch Steam Iron, Black - TDA3021GB

  • Bosch
Product SKU: TDA3021GB guarantees this product offers Safest Payments to the customers and protect their payments
27.471 OMR
23.900 OMR
Product Rating
Comfortable and crease-free ironing in all directions - in your favourite colour.
Multi-directional CeraniumGlissée soleplate for fast and crease-free ironing in all directions.
• Steam shot volume 180 g
• 3AntiCalc: triple cleaning function with self-clean, calcn clean and integrated anti-calc system.

MultiDirectional: iron in all directions
Satisfaction all over: a high degree of flexibility guarantees you perfect results with completely crease-free fabrics. This is possible due to the multi-directional soleplate — a true innovation and a real aid when ironing, which is sure to bring a smile to your face.

DripStop: no risk of water marks.
The DripStop function is a built-in control in the iron, which independently controls the temperature of the water flow. This prevents water droplets and unsightly water marks on fabrics. After all, there is nothing more annoying than having to put a garment back in the washing basket instead of being able to place it on the pile of ironed laundry. DripStop also works even at low temperatures.

3AntiCalc: ready for operation for longer.
All good things come in threes — this applies to the service life of an appliance too. The 3AntiCalc function, as the name implies, is a threefold function comprising SelfClean, CalcnClean and a built-in AntiCalc System. It effectively prevents the build-up of limescale in your appliance and reliably increases the service life of your Bosch iron.

AdvancedSteam System: steam for professionals.
Leave nothing to chance when it comes to ironing. You can rely on our innovative AdvancedSteam System with an optimal and powerful steam output rate. It allows a targeted distribution of the steam over the fabric and deeper penetration into the fabric. How? Using a refined system and the interaction of steam channels, outlet wholes and guides. This targeted steam makes ironing easier and also brings you to your goal faster: a pile of ironed laundry.

2800 watts
With 2800 watts, an appliance this powerful is guaranteed to deliver excellent ironing results. Within a very short period of time, you have the full capacity and performance of the appliance at your disposal to combat even stubborn creases.

CeraniumGlissée: glides superbly.
The tough and durable soleplate allows to glide particularly freely over all fabrics. The optimal steam distribution ensures perfect ironing results thanks to the intelligent and innovative arrangement of the steam channels. The patented Bosch 3-phase design is also typical for this soleplate. Look forward to exceptionally smooth fabrics.

High wattage for real power
With a high wattage, your appliance heats up quickly and gives you a performance that ensures excellent ironing results. Within no time, you have the full capacity and performance of the appliance to combat stubborn creases.

Strong steam shot against creases
Some fabrics are so thick and have such stubborn creases that you feel you are not getting anywhere when you iron them. This is not the case with the Bosch steam shot. A single touch of a button is all that’s needed — even on fabrics with stubborn creases.

Specifications :
• Shot of steam 180 gr
• Continuous steam 40 g/min
• Wattage: 2800 W
• advanced steam system: optimized steam distribution due to a new advanced sole plate design
• Multi-directional CeraniumGlissée soleplate - for smooth and creasefree ironing into all directions

• Variable steam control
• 3AntiCalc feature: triple cleaning function with self-clean, calcn clean and built-in anti-calc System
• Vertical steam
• Large transparent water tank (320 ml), for easy and fast filling
• QuickFilling: bigger filling inlet with lid for fast and easy filling/emptying
• Ergonomic design: Soft touch grip, thumb rest and large buttons for maximum comfort during ironing
• Variable temperature control
• Water spray function
• Slim ironing tip - easy ironing along the buttons and seams
• Extra long 3 m cable with flexible joint and cord tidy facility
• Drip-stop function

• LED control light

Brand : Bosch
Product name / Commercial code : TDA3021GB
Product name/family : Steam iron

Construction type
Secondary colour : Telegrey
Tank design : Transparent

Size and weight
Dimensions of the product (mm) : 150 x 121 x 290 mm
Net weight (kg) : 1.391 kg

Steam output rate : 40 g/min
Steam shot (g) : 180 g/min
Seflclean system : Valve cleaning needle

Power on indicator : Yes

Technical details
Maximum Power (W) : 2,850 W
Voltage (V) : 220-240 V
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