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Canon EOS 5DS - 50.6 MP, DSLR Camera (Body Only), Black - 0581C002

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  • Canon EOS 5DS - 50.6 MP, DSLR Camera, Black
  • 930 g
  • Auto ISO
  • 50.6 Megapixels
  • CMOS sensor
  • [1920 x 1080] 30 fps
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required.
  • The Canon EOS 5DS is a superb DSLR camera that shatters the status quo with its brilliant 50.6MP, full frame CMOS sensor. This camera is perfect for fine art and commercial photography. It incorporates a unique and advanced 61-point High Density Reticular AF system that includes 41 cross type AF points and EOS iTR AF to provide precise autofocus. The camera features an anti-flicker function that provides consistent exposure and color under certain lighting conditions. The built in interval meter and bulb meter let you explore various creative options without the need of an additional remote control. Vibration is reduced thanks to a refined mirror control mechanism and a Time Release Lag setting so that you can capture crisp and sharp images. This stunning DSLR camera by Canon is available in a stylish black finish. Physical Features Key Features CMOS sensor 930 g Auto ISO 50.6 Megapixels [1920 x 1080] 30 fps A Brilliant Sensor the Canon EOS 5DS features Canons latest full frame CMOS sensor that has a megapixel count of 50.6. You can capture breathtaking and vividly realistic photographs at a resolution of up to 8712 x 5813 pixels. The images captured are perfect for large scale commercial printing, fine art, and any number of other high end applications. The sensor has been designed to coalesce with dual DIGIC 6 Image Processors so that you capture bright and vibrant photographs at all times. Fine Detail Mode A new picture mode called Fine Detail mode has been incorporated into the Canon EOS 5DS camera that emphasizes patterns, fine edges, or textures by lowering contrast settings and setting the cameras Sharpness sub settings. This mode helps in prioritizing minute details for smoother, more polished photographs. A Unique Scene Detection System the Canon EOS 5DS camera features an iSA Intelligent Scene Analysis System that incorporates an independent RGB+IR light sensor with 150000-pixel resolution. This sensor automatically detects and tracks subjects by enabling Canons Intelligent Tracking and Recognition system (iTR AF). The camera has an advanced, 61-point High Density Reticular AF system with up to 41 cross type AF point for fast and precise autofocus. Since the camera has focus modes dedicated to the particulars of the shooting environment, it provides a level of focus accuracy that suites its 50.6MP sensor. Reduced Shakes and Blur the Canon EOS 5DS camera counters shake that occurs from the impact of an SLRs mirror by incorporating a newly developed Mirror Vibration Control system. The mirror of this camera is not controlled by springs but is driven by a small motor and cams. This system suppresses the impact of the cameras mirror. Added protection against camera shake is provided by a new Time Release Lag setting. This feature sets the shutter release time intentionally longer, so the camera does not begin the exposure until the impact of the cameras mirror is diffused.
Product Name Canon EOS 5DS - 50.6 MP, DSLR Camera (Body Only), Black - 0581C002
Screen Size 3.2"
ISO Range Photo 100-6400
Item Weight 2.05 pound
Item Color Black
Brand Canon
Warranty 1 Year
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