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Cougar Gaming Chair / Adjustable Design - Cgchairarmorschrcl

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  • Adjustable Design
  • Armor S will adapt itself to your needs in every moment through five adjustment options:
  • Piston Lift Height Adjustment
  • Easily adjust Armor S’s height with the high-quality piston lift.
  • Continuous Reclining
  • With Armor S you are not restricted to fixed steps when reclining your chair. Instead of being limited to a few options, you can find the exact point that maximizes your comfort and stay there.
  • 180? Reclining
  • Armor S allows you to recline up to 180. Stay straight while working and lie down for resting when you’re over.
  • Adjustable Tilting Resistance
  • Armor S’s tilting function allows you, by turning a knob located under the chair, to adjust its behavior, controlling the level of resistance when you tilt it.
  • 4D Adjustable armrest
  • Ready to suit your needs, Armor S’s armrests allow you to adjust them in four different ways, three dimensions and eight directions:
  • Backwards/Forwards Adjustment
  • comfortable resting of elbow, forearm and arm.
  • Left/Right Turning
  • Ideal for keeping the armrests available,
  • no matter which position you adopt.
  • Height Adjustment
  • Moving the armrest up or down will help you to find
  • the most suitable position to enjoy games.
  • Left/Right Adjustment
  • Suitable for all body sizes and positions
Product Name Cougar Gaming Chair / Adjustable Design - Cgchairarmorschrcl
Type Gaming Chair
Item Color Black
Brand Cougar
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