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Korkmaz Casserole Montana Alu. 24X12.5Cm/5.01L Kor1242

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  • 24×12.5 cm / 5.0 lt
  • Excellent adhesion on internal and external surfaces.
  • Extra resistance to scratching and hardware.
  • induction cooker compatible
  • Environment-friendly production technology.
  • Easy to clean
  • Thanks to its high thermal conductivity, it provides high cooking performance even in low heat.
  • It makes more tasty dishes by using less fat than other types of cookware.
  • Manufactured from recyclable materials.
  • Montana is an extra-resistant granite-like PTFE coating
Product Name Korkmaz Casserole Montana Alu. 24X12.5Cm/5.01L Kor1242
Type أواني الطبخ
Size Centimeters 24
Shape دائري
Material Granite
Brand Korkmaz
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