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Murano Rubber coated Regular wt plates5 kg MR2002

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  • HEAVY DUTY OLYMPIC WEIGHT PLATES FOR LONG LASTING DURABILITY - Built with a solid cast iron metal core encased in a heavy-duty rubber coating, the tri grip weight plates have been expertly designed for high level performance to withstand highly repetitive usage for even the most hardened of weightlifting enthusiasts.
  • INCREASED SCOPE FOR VERSATILITY AND VARIATION - Unlike standard cast iron weights discs, the Body Revolution tri grip Olympic weight plates feature 3 handles built into the edges of the plate, enabling users to perform a range of compound and isolated movements without a barbell or dumbbell, improving stability and control as well as overall strength and fitness.
  • ERGONOMICALLY ENHANCED TRI-GRIP HANDLES TO MAXIMISE COMFORT AND CONTROL - Each handle is designed with ergonomically enhanced finger grips, enabling users to gain control and stability when lifting. Unlike a dumbbell, an upright tri-grip plate lift forces the forearm and wrist to work harder to increase grip strength.
  • RUBBER COATED SHELL FOR FLOOR PROTECTION - The rubber Olympic weight plates are specifically designed to prevent flooring from impact damage caused by plate droppages. The rubber finish also helps to reduce impact noise for a quieter, less obstructive workout in your home gym space.
Product Name Murano Rubber coated Regular wt plates5 kg MR2002
Type Weighing Plate
Material Iron
Item Weight 5 Kg
Brand Murano
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