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Philips Viva Blender - HR3556/00
48.280 OMR

Philips Viva Blender - HR3556/00

  • Philips
  • Blenders
Product SKU: HR355600

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48.280 OMR
Product Rating
Philips blender with ProBlend 6 technology blends smoothly and crushes ice.
Finer blending means you can enjoy healthier smoothies that provide a full days’
nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

Supreme blending performance
ProBlend 6 blending technology for finer results
Strong 900W motor
Multiple speeds for soft and hard ingredients

Easy to use
Large glass jar for smoothies you can share
Easy-grip control dial
Pulse function for smoother blending
Liquid level marks that are easy to read

Easy to clean
Dishwasher-safe parts

Effective blending and mixing
We developed our ProBlend6 technology for
effective blending and mixing, to ensure that
all of the ingredients are finely blended.

Strong blender motor
With 900W of power, your blenders motor is
strong enough to blend your favorite
ingredients smoothly and efficiently.

Choose your blending speed
From gentle blending for soft fruits – to a burst
of power for harder fruit and vegetables. It’s up
to you with our manual speed control.

Large-capacity glass jar
The large 2-liter jar has a working capacity of
1.5 liters for deliciously blended smoothies to
share with the whole family or save for later.

Easy-grip control dial
Our molded control dial is molded with nonslip grip, so you can easily control the blender

Pulse for finer blending
Blend your mixes thoroughly smooth by using
the handy pulse control – so all the bits and
pieces are brought down to the blades for
another round of fine blending.

Liquid levels
We made it easy to see how much liquid is
contained in the tumbler and blender jar with
clear markings that are easy to read.

Dishwasher safe, easy to clean
All detachable parts of your Philips blender are
dishwasher safe.

Our promise of quality
You enjoy a 2-year worldwide warranty on our
blenders – which is our guarantee of longlasting quality and operation


Included: Jar
Country of origin
Made in: China

General specifications
Product features: Automatic shut-off, Cord
storage, Dishwasher safe, Integrated cord
storage, On/off switch, Pulse, Variable speed

Technical specifications
Capacity jar: 0.6 L
Power: 900 W
Voltage: 200-230 V
Capacity main jar: 2 L

Material jar: Glass
Material of main body: Stainless Steel

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