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Xavax Cleaner For Dishwashers, 250ml - 111725

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  • Allows easy interior cleaning of dishwashers, for improving the rinsing resul
  • Removes deposits such as limescale, grease and scraps of food from the interior, the hoses and the valves
  • Descales heating rods to optimise the heat output and save enery
  • Freshens by leaving behind a fresh scent and ensures your washing machine is clean
  • Regular care reduces the risk of malfunctions and consequently of follow-up costs caused by repairs
  • Limescale deposits in the machine lead to longer warm-up times of your device and higher electricity costs
  • QUANTITY: 250 ml
Product Name Xavax Cleaner For Dishwashers, 250ml - 111725
Type Leaner For Dishwashers
Item Color White/Red
Capacity 250ml
Brand Xavax
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