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Xavax Power Pearls Wash Ball - 111376

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  • Reduces detergent: saves money and protects the environment through fewer chemicals in rivers and lakes
  • Plastic ball filled with around 80 ceramic wash pearls
  • The vast micro surface of the pearls filters the water and allows for improved detergent distribution
  • Detergent quantity can be reduced to 1/4 of the usual amount with no sacrifice to usual cleanliness
  • Ideal for those who suffer from skin irritations or allergies caused by detergent residues, as the natural pearls emit no fragrances
  • Textiles are protected, colours remain brighter for longer, since the amount of chemicals per wash is vastly reduced, resulting in possible wash temperatures from cold to 95 °
  • The specially shaped wash ball with its internal balls moves atypically within the drum, thus supporting the mechanical wash in the washing machine, as it rubs against textiles and thus releases dirt from fibres, disperses the wash more efficiently, and unfolds laundry more effectively
  • Due to the movement of the beads, the detergent is released and foamed more efficiently in the water so more oxygen is introduced into the wash water
  • Can be used with all liquid or powder detergents
  • Used correctly, the wash ball can be used up to 1000 times, or for around 2 years, before the mineral balls become depleted
Product Name Xavax Power Pearls Wash Ball - 111376
Type Wash Ball
Item Color Green
Dimension قطر 100 مم
Brand Xavax
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